Wednesday, January 9

Project Life 365

Wow. Four years of blog silence have passed. I nearly had a heart attack a moment ago when i was looking diligently for a blog (this one!) that should have shown up on a google search. I don't know why it didn't. perhaps a google search doesn't mean sure-fire the way it used to. Perhaps that is a relief. a little more uncertainty that we can relax into. We watched a baby still nursing able to navigate to his favorite scene of a cartoon on an ipad. apple changes everything. what the hell?! what will be the inconvenience of this generation? I still think Idiocracy the movie is the scariest horror flick I've ever seen. I started this entry to tell you about creative steps I'm taking to document life over the next 365. I'm not trying to make art, just to use the prompts with the first thought/best thought. Would love for you to join me on the journey. click here to see my statigram collection

Wednesday, May 20

She Loves Horses

Cowgirl Rosa Jane loves horses and they scare me. Lots of things in life scare me, so I guess this is just one more thing in the great scheme of things that Elenor Roosevelt said, "You must do the thing you think you can not do." And sometimes that just means simply putting one foot in front of the other and doing the next thing!

Friday, May 8

Natural Light Headshots Save the Day! (Austin Corporate Photographer)

Sometimes, stars align and pathways are cleared to help a fella out. This handsome guy was just nominated for CFO of the Year in Austin. I highly think he deserves it and can't wait to hear the future goodnews that he was also crowned CFO of the World. Good Luck, Man!

Thursday, May 7

Motherhood round 3

{photo by Lisa Woods.}
Man, I've been thinking loads as of late. Wondering why I can't blog like I used to. I think it's because my perfectly malleable daughter has come into her own. She picks out what to wear and she has very strong opinions about what to do and not do and when to do it. From ages of birth to two, most everything was hunky dory and going my way. Now, I have to be creative and manipulative and it's just plain draining.

Now, I can see that my weaknesses have shaped her almost as much as my strengths. I pray each day that things will be different, that I'll do better and quit taking the easy route. Some things never change though. I'll keep praying and asking God to turn our weaknesses to strengths. That the big lessons will take heart and that at the end of the day she'll know how very much she is loved being just who she is. Motherhood is an amazing journey. Some days we are high as a kite in love and others we're at each others throats to take a nap or clean the house.

She tells me, "I still love you even when I do the wrong thing, Mommy."
I love her all the time. To infinity and beyond. Weaknesses and all. God only knows what I'd be with out you. Thanks and glory to Him for all the miracles in our lives.

Thursday, February 19

Inspired to Blog

Yesterday, Linda Anderson, spoke to us at Mom2Mom. She usually speaks via recorded dvd sessions, but on this day she was LIVE and IN PERSON. Linda is AMAZING and I love her to death even though I don't *really* know her. But when she speaks, I feel at peace and I just know the words of God are flowing from her heart and mouth and it's the most amazing thing to be in her presence. She talked about a lot of things yesterday like where is your head most of the time in your daily life -- it is focused in the future and writing that great amazing novel or more applicable to me is becoming the brightest and shiniest star photographer or are you on the hamsterwheel focused on the daily events that consume and never seem to end -- sure the kitchen is clean in this moment, but fifteen minutes later disaster zone. Whew!

I know I've been so busy with my part-time photography job that I've been neglecting this blog and I started to get sad that there's no evidence in journaling about what's been happening in our lives... so I vow to do better. Small snipets and daily overhearings. Rosa Jane is funnier than ever, even if she does seem to be obsessed with a mini-dvd player and playing Cinderella from start to finish over and over again... seriously, I think it's three times a day when we're home. So I'm trying to be more conscious and out the door.

I can't tell if it's a marked improvement over what she used to do with the Litte Mermaid, which was to watch it over and over but she was constantly hitting the fast forward button so it was over as soon as it started.

At any rate, she's princess obsessed and has to have princess light up shoes. She received non-itchy princess dresses - a blue one and a purple one - for Valentines day and she was super excited about them.

We bought a new Toyota RAV 4 this week and I'm really enjoying the new found space. I can drive for miles and miles now which is sweet relief from the imprisonment I was feeling with the Passat Lease agreement.

Tuesday, December 30

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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Love from all the Roedners

Sunday, December 28

The Week after Christmas and Anticipating Change

I can hear you. I can hear you ask, "Why don't you write any more?" And the answer is things have been crazy busy in the Faux-Toes department getting everybody's holiday photo on for size. And taking care of Amy's twins on Tuesdays and Thursdays and then it was the week before Christmas when running errands becomes a cruel joke of survival of the fittest. It is the hardest thing to keep focused on the real reason for the season. It's easy to get caught up in the wrapping paper and tape and ribbons and bows. Not to mention the bank account. I don't know how we would have gotten through Faux-Toes crazy season if Don hadn't been home these last few months. Soon everything will be changing in our world. Don goes back to work after seven months at home. Seven months in the eyes of toddler is as far back as she can remember. I'm excited for change but I want to do better, be better and set some attainable goals: Like real weekly dinner planning and working out on a regular schedule to be fit and have energy and lose the weight that's found it's way to my hips over the last stressful time. I have joined Beachbody as a Coach to add accountability on this front. Would love to have you join me on the path to fitness. Ask me how! I have big goals for my Faux-Toes business, too. We're planning a shoot tour and hopefully my sidekicks will be able to travel, too... Houston, Dallas, Nashville and Boston. Other locations are under consideration. So if it seems like an overhaul on goals and ideals, well it is... but after 2008 and the craziness that ensued... it's the least we can do for 2009. I'm taking tips and recipe ideas for homecooked dinners. So post your ideas now... don't be shy! :-)
Here's to what is sure to be the most amazing year yet! Hang on to your hats!!